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What is Tianeptine Sodium?

Tianeptine Sodium is a supplement with a wide range of benefits. It is viewed as one of the most effective treatments for major depressive episodes that range from mild to severe. Tianeptine Sodium has also been used as an off-label nootropic supplement and is reported to produce sensations of well being, optimizing and clarity that is mental.

This supplement is marketed as having mood effects that are brightening well as being neuroprotective and anxiolytic (reducing anxiety). It is currently approved for this use in France and a true number of other countries, especially throughout the European Union. It was developed at the Fench Society of Medical Research in the 1960’s. This seems to have delayed Tianeptine Sodium’s acceptance in a number of English-speaking countries because the early research was all in French.

Tianeptine Sodium is a serotonin that is selective enhancer (SSRE). This is basically a type that is tricyclic of which contains three rings of atoms in its chemical structure. What this supplement does is to enhance the re-absorption or re-uptake of Serotonin once it has been released by your neurons. This takes the Serotonin out of circulation, removing it from contact with synaptic receptors. What is interested is that its mechanism of action is directly opposite to how most currently prescribed medications that are anti-depressant.The effects of Tianeptine Sodium work in a method which is opposite to most of the other supplements on the market.

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