About Holyoke Marketing Company

We help small businesses earn more revenue through digital marketing.

HMC is a local marketing company based in the heart of Western Massachusetts, that strives to help small businesses improve their brand!  We create and deliver marketing campaigns which enhance our clients' brand awareness, improve their sales, and foster growth.

We are a small team of marketing professionals that know how to navigate today's marketing trends.  We give advice as to what works in today's business climate, and execute the campaign with minimal effort from our client.

Our Team:

Jason Katsoris

Owner of Holyoke Marketing Company

Jason is a jack of all trades as he has experience as a web developer, account manager and marketing coordinator. He graduated from American International College with a Masters of Business Administration in 2012. Jason dabbles in just about everything from designing websites to creating high converting email marketing campaigns. He has experience working with Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics and DiVinci Resolve. Outside of work, you can find Jason outdoors, skiing, or hanging out with his German Shepherd, Remi.

Jeffrey Katsoris

Web Developer

Jeff was born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska. Currently Jeff also works for the State of Alaska, and Department of Homeland Security as a part of their Information Technology team. Jeff leads our internal support team here at Holyoke Marketing Company Remotely from AK.

Nate Frank

Account Manager

Nate grew up in the Pioneer Valley, and continues to be an active member in the local community. He currently attends Holyoke Community College as a Business and Hospitality double major, with plans to transfer to UMass Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management. Through starting and growing two companies, Nate has experience in branding, content writing, coordinating marketing tactics, social media marketing, and event planning. He has a deep passion for arts and music. When not at work, you can probably find him playing gigs, organizing shows, or attending similar events around the area.

Sopira Bellavance-Grace

Marketing Coordinator

Sopira is a Western Mass native and local musician currently studying sound engineering. He hopes to one day find a job behind the scenes in the music industry. Having worked as an A&R for local record labels, he has gained experience in online marketing, social media promotion, and video editing. With these skills, he can ensure business profiles stay up to date. In his free time, Sopira usually finds himself producing music, skateboarding, or attending local music events.


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