10 Reasons to Consider Email Marketing for Small Business

With astonishing growth in mobile marketing, search engine optimization and social media, rumors abound that emails are a dying practice. This could not be more false. The benefits of email marketing remain significant, and the practice is still alive and kicking strong. In fact, a small business email strategy is debatably the most profitable way to market yourself in Holyoke. This is why:

Email campaigns provide businesses with more opportunities to build lasting relationships with larger, targeted audiences, and at only a fraction of traditional media’s cost, thereby maximizing return on investment.

 For small businesses, choosing where to invest money is not an easy decision to make. Attracting new customers is essential, and you know that you need to keep the clients you already have, as well. However, investing resources and time into campaigns that do not deliver is simply unaffordable for most. Email campaigns are cost-effective, and they reach people where they go daily – in their inbox.

 Scientific data proves the benefits of email marketing. According to Forbes, 91 percent of consumers in the United States want promotional emails from companies they trust and use. It is also 40 times more effective at acquiring new clients than Twitter and Facebook combined. Why is this?

These 10 reasons explain why email marketing for small business is so effective:

1. Builds Credibility

 Consumers do not do business with those they do not know, trust, and like. If you use your email campaign to provide people with problem-solving, informative content, they will value your expertise and share it online. You will slowly gain a credible, trustworthy reputation.

2. Improves Sales

Boosting sales is much easier when targeting people already interested in your business. If they want to receive updates, content, promotions, and more from you, then they are already half way down the sales funnel and need only the right discount, special or service to make a purchase.

3. Boosts Performance

For any marketing strategy to succeed, you must know how it is performing. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is the metrics it provides for these insights. You can use analytics to scrutinize every aspect of your email campaign, helping you understand your audience and market intelligently to them.

4. Nurtures Relationships

Communication is pivotal to building strong relationships with customers. Email marketing offers you an effective tool to do this. It allows you to get your message to those who matter most, keeping you in the forefront of their minds and engaged with your company at all times of the year.

5. Reaches All Devices

People are opening almost two-thirds of all emails on mobile devices. Mobile technology is growing in popularity and it is crucial for businesses to make themselves mobile friendly. Your small business email strategy can take advantage of mobile demand by sending emails directly to these devices.

6. Gets Instant Results

The impact of every order, appointment, or sale can be significant for small businesses. A good email campaign will give you immediate results and help you track the performance of each aspect of it. Results can be instant: If you need to trigger profits, simply devise a new special or promotion.

7. Creates a Professional Image

Newsletters look professional. Even the most basic templates are visually appealing. Even so, you can customize email templates by inserting your own content, and changing colors and logos to match your brand and enhance its image.

8. Generates New Leads

Although not everyone on your email list will sign up for services or buy a product immediately, you will be able to capture and keep their attention, while using informative and valuable content to build relationships with them. Interested people sign up for newsletters. It is seldom long before they convert.

9. Attracts New Customers

Besides communicating with your email list exclusively, you can also attract new people to your company by using your own social media profiles to share announcements, newsletters, products, discounts, specials, and more. If you offer what people want, they will share it with their networks too.

10. Promotes Your Business

Keeping people’s attention is never easy, particularly for service businesses. During quiet times of the year, their minds may wander from your products or services. Email allows you to keep them interested in what you offer, without bombarding them with irrelevant information.

Of all the benefits of email marketing, its versatility is perhaps the most advantageous. Campaigns range from extremely basic to very complex. According to Forrester Research, 85 percent of businesses believe their email campaigns highly effective for customer acquisition. Consider personalizing with several tactics. Use the reader’s name, a unique message of welcome, and even email reminders.

Begin Your Own Successful Email Campaign in Holyoke

If you already have your own small business email strategy, then let us know in the comments below how it is working for you. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of email marketing, then subscribe to our newsletter for tips and tricks to start your own success story.

About the Author:

Jason Katsoris

Owner of Holyoke Marketing Company

Jason is a jack of all trades as he has experience as a web developer, account manager and marketing coordinator. He graduated from American International College with a Masters of Business Administration in 2012. Jason dabbles in just about everything from designing websites to creating high converting email marketing campaigns. He has experience working with Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics and DiVinci Resolve. Outside of work, you can find Jason outdoors, skiing, or hanging out with his German Shepherd.

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