3 Things Every Local Search Marketing Campaign Needs

Up to 50 percent of your mobile visitors are likely to visit your store within one day.

This demonstrates that local search engine marketing is vital to reaching local consumers and staying competitive. Local searches have become a make or break scenario for business.

So, how do you ensure your business will become a local hotspot? Keep reading. Here are three things every local search engine marketing campaign must do to be successful.

1. Google My Business

Google and Google Maps are the main local search engines used today. If you don't have a Google My Business account, then you are missing TONS of searchers and potential customers.

Google My Business creates the summary page you see when you're searching for a local business, and you click on it to learn more. It shows a photo, hours of operations, contact information, and a summary of the business. It also highlights top reviews.

To claim your business on Google, you will go through a verification process first, then fill out all your business info. Lastly, you can use a marketing company to ensure you're using the perks of Google My Business to your full advantage (SEO-Hello).

2. Local Listings

Have your business on local directories in addition to Google is also important for local search engine marketing. Make sure you list your business on Yelp, Zagat, Citysearch, and any other local directories. Check your city and county websites for business directory opportunities as well as local newspapers.

You should make sure your business information is correct across all online listings. You can easily do this (and for free) with citation data aggregators such as Express Update and Factual.

3. Meta Tags and Titles

On each of your web pages and blogs, you have the opportunity to put a title and meta description. These are super important for local search engine marketing as they can significantly boost your SEO when used correctly.

The title and description are what viewers see in the search results. This means they must be crafted carefully to match what your website and brand are offering. Also, tags should be unique and intriguing to ensure they get you on that first page of search results.

Google offers enough space for about 50 to 60 characters for the title and up to 200 characters for the description. Be sure to check in the search results that your descriptions and titles don't get cut off.

A great tip for reaching locals is to use the name of the city in your description or title. Also, focus on one main keyword.

Local Search Engine Marketing at Your Fingertips

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