4 Successful Strategies for Facebook Live

Effective social media marketing relies on using the platforms your audience loves most and taking advantage of the tools offered to widen your reach. Although Facebook is not the ideal platform for all business niches, the vast majority of targeted consumers use this social media network more than any other one. For this reason, most businesses include Facebook for their social media marketing. 

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a relatively new feature for higher personal engagement with business prospects. It enables companies and individuals to create their own “talk shows.” You can make live Facebook videos that your audience can watch in real time. Live Facebook videos are also effective at engaging with consumers, who can listen to your message while driving, working, or being too busy to watch videos. 

For small businesses, Facebook videos have the potential to engage consumers in the most personal way possible. This is integral to a company’s “like, trust, and know” processes, as direct communication is the most effective way to build relationships. 

To have any success with Facebook Live, it is important to have a strategy in place. You want to engage your audience and have them reciprocate in kind. For this reason, companies must create valuable content related to their industries, and it must provide unique insight or solutions for those watching. Nobody watches Facebook Live broadcasts that are bland, boring, or unrelated to their needs.

Benefits of Facebook Videos and Facebook Live and Podcasts

The success of a live show relies on creating an engaging flow. You can livestream Facebook videos from your mobile phone or from a professional studio, but sound and visual quality is important. Movies, TV shows, and live videos create the maximum connection with anyone watching. In fact, live streaming Facebook videos and podcasts is the most personal and effective way to communicate with people. 

Speaking to people directly is one of the most important social media marketing strategies available today. It nurtures a long-lasting relationship with those listening, builds trust and loyalty, provides communication opportunities, and gives a face to businesses that may otherwise feel unreachable or distant. Talking to people personally provides companies with valuable marketing opportunities. 

Effective Strategies for Facebook Live

Creating engaging videos for Facebook Live can seem overwhelming for time-strapped small businesses, but companies have many options and types of videos they can make. You can record yourself talking directly to your mobile phone. There are microphones, lights, and video stabilizers available too. You can also use video software, or you can invest in studio gear for highest quality. 

So, what video strategies are most effective for Facebook Live?


Make consistency the most important part of your live video strategy. If you want people to watch your videos, then they need to know exactly when you are live. Whether you decide to do hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly shows, be consistent about it. Commit to a livestream schedule, but do not leave long intervals between shows. People are not attentive and forget about those that are too irregular. 

Weekly shows are best for beginners. You can do monthly shows, but the month-long wait between them may not be consistent enough. Daily shows can be difficult to maintain if you are inexperienced at creating weekly broadcasts, but regardless of your schedule choices, always make sure that your shows occur at the same time, on the same day, so that people know when to watch you. 


To appeal to human beings, add a human element to the content of your videos. Tell your audience about your personal experiences, as it will make you more relatable and turn watchers into loyal viewers. You can create separate videos for your “life stream.” Humanize your videos or watch your viewers turn to your competitors instead. Talking about your life can attract people to your journey. 


To maximize the impact of your live Facebook videos, it is important that you make them available for viewers to watch after the show. The afterlife of your video requires just as much effort as the actual livestream, and it involves repurposing your videos to suit the purpose of a non-live presentation. Additionally, you can use your live videos as the centerpiece for all of the content that you create. 

Repurposing gives you a strategic advantage. Creating live videos consistently requires topics to discuss. Use important points from older Facebook videos to create new, yet relevant content for future videos. Furthermore, trimming, editing, and otherwise repurposing your videos enables you to release them as YouTube videos, podcasts, or other media types for your overall social media marketing strategy. 


Facebook videos must flow smoothly for audiences to understand and relate to them. This is not easy, however. Pushing the live button guarantees immediate brain buzzing, nerve twitching, and loss of confidence. Relax and do not think of busying your hands, viewership, or anything other than simply enjoying yourself. Nervousness never goes away completely, but it does get easier. 

A formula exists to ensure videos flow smoothly and engage viewers the way they should. Stick to it and you will not go wrong. The first part of your video should tease the audience enough to keep them watching. Delve straight into the topic you wish to discuss and let people know what your video is about and what they will learn from watching it. A good tease would be “Today, you will meet my new dog.”

Focus on your intro for the second part of your video. Viewers unfamiliar with you need to know who you are and what makes you an expert on the topic you are discussing. Explain your subject choice and its relevance to your viewers. This is particularly important for weekly or monthly shows, as viewers will wonder about your credentials before they trust your expertise. 

The tease-intro-share-action strategy is effective because of its straightforwardness. After enticing your audience and introducing yourself, it is time to delve into your content and share what you know. Although late viewers will miss your tease and introduction, it is still important to do it for those who replay it later. The final step of your video should be your call-to-action. 

Facebook Live algorithms give engaging videos more visibility. The more people like, share, comment or engage with your broadcasts, the more new people will see them. Encourage interaction with your viewers, and respond to them so that the effort is worth their while. You can do this by asking your audience directly to answer a question in the comments section, or to like and share your videos. 

Facebook Live: To Do or Not To Do?

Facebook live streaming is essential for companies targeting people that use Facebook specifically. If your ideal target audience spends their days on this social media network, then you should use all the tools it provides for consumer engagement. Social media marketing in Holyoke is crucial for online visibility, and using Facebook Live will personalize your brand and maximize your efforts.

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