5 Effective Email List Building Techniques

Email remains the most powerful way to reach consumers in the modern age. Despite an ever-changing digital marketing landscape, the ability of email to generate conversations is still unmatched, even when you combine social and search traffic to compete against it. The only challenge is building your email list in Holyoke or worldwide. People will simply not sign up without a very good reason to.

According to Forbes, email marketing promises $38 for every $1 spent on it, or 3,800 percent. In fact, effective email list building has the highest return on investment in the digital world today.

Consumers are tired of marketing bombardment. They shut it out completely and do not even see a “Subscribe for Email” button anymore. Even if they did notice it, a simple “Sign up, old Chap” will not cut it anymore. People do not want to be on irrelevant email lists and prefer to avoid spam altogether. The only way to build email lists in 2017 is to attract people that really want to hear from you. How, do you ask?

 1.      Give Them Reason

The best way to attract the attention of consumers is to give them an incentive to notice you. Discounts, coupons, promotions, free online courses, and free eBooks – these are some common examples. Offer such incentives to new subscribers. The results can be extremely powerful. Many email marketers do not do this, and they lose a significant number of potential subscribers by ignoring it.

Just make sure to offer only relevant incentives that people actually sign up for, and be honest about your intentions from the start. Tell them how often you will mail them, what they can expect from you, and keep your promises. The moment someone signs up, deliver the promised incentive and welcome him or her to your community with these facts.

 2.      Offer Free Stuff

People love free stuff. They will happily share giveaway offers across social media and subscribe to email lists in exchange for free products. Building your email list with this strategy can be hugely successful. In fact, it is the tactic most likely to go viral online. Ensure that the giveaway is in demand and relevant to your audience. If not, you will attract uninterested subscribers who will not stay subscribed for long.

 Gadgets are extremely popular, but may not work well for a health site, as an example. After receiving their gadget, there will be no interest in staying subscribed. If the gadget is relevant to your target audience, they will be more likely to become loyal readers. Incentivize people to share, subscribe and engage at every opportunity and your email list will grow very quickly.

 3.      Promote Competitions

People love challenges and will happily enter competitions. Companies can use this to their advantage to build an email list. Identify what your audience struggles with, benefits from, or something equally knowledgeable about them to create challenges they cannot resist. Make subscribing to your newsletter the only requirement necessary to participate. Consider valuable prizes as motivating incentives.

 4.      Implement Content Upgrades

Companies benefit enormously from content upgrades and have been for many years already. In 2017, however, available tools have made it more effective than ever. According to Marketing Sherpa, in fact, it promises a 200 percent boost to conversion rates. Users prefer relevant offers, and being able to segment your audience to their preferences allows you to do this more accurately.

 A content upgrade is simply a little extra for the audience to take with them after performing a specific action. If you are trying to build an email list, then readers must subscribe to receive it. For example, a recipe is an ideal content upgrade for a post about food. After discussing the benefits of chocolate muffins, say, offering a tutorial on how to make them would be relevant and successful.

 5.      Write Guest Posts

Guest posting offers a unique opportunity for email list building. If you put the effort in to make it practical, comprehensive, and helpful to readers, many of them will subscribe to your emails, as well. Writing well also ensures your content stays on the host blog. Make your guest posts resources for your target audience, and with the right content upgrade, you can create anticipation for your future posts. 

 Final Thoughts 

As it has always been throughout digital history, email marketing is alive and well in 2017. Gaining new subscribers may require some out-of-the-box thinking, and using the above techniques to build email lists will help your own campaign find success this year. Sign up to our newsletter today for more tips and tricks about the best strategies for successful email list building in Holyoke.

About the Author:

Jason Katsoris

Owner of Holyoke Marketing Company

Jason is a jack of all trades as he has experience as a web developer, account manager and marketing coordinator. He graduated from American International College with a Masters of Business Administration in 2012. Jason dabbles in just about everything from designing websites to creating high converting email marketing campaigns. He has experience working with Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics and DiVinci Resolve. Outside of work, you can find Jason outdoors, skiing, or hanging out with his German Shepherd.

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