6 Reasons to Outsource Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is time consuming. Experts agree that outsourcing email campaigns can shorten the production cycle by as much as 33 percent, which saves companies an abundance of resources, including money, time, and managing costs. Inbox clutter, new spam filters, final-hour fixes, new mail clients, and other technicalities can clog productivity and, ultimately, the success of your campaign.

More and more, research proves that outsourcing email campaigns consistently drives better results than in-house management does over the long-term. The reasons for this are actually very simple.

Marketing companies in Holyoke can take these burdens off your in-house staff, helping you focus on the quality of your campaigns and the responses they generate instead. Maximizing the effectiveness of your email efforts requires persistent dedication, and bogging your employees down with it could actually harm their productivity and consequently your business.

Here are six good reasons to outsource your email marketing:

1. Faster Production Time

Training your staff in email marketing is a timely and costly endeavor. Furthermore, employees are unable to cope with other competing areas of your business that still require their attention. Because of internal company politics and pressures, it is easy for email campaigns to fall by the wayside entirely, or they become haphazard, hurried, and ineffective projects done by overly busy employees.

Outsourcing your email marketing to a company that specializes in it can be the wiser choice. Having a qualified team knowledgeable about email campaigns ensures daily deployment of professional email marketing strategies. Using established methods and systems shortens email production times, while reducing mistakes and implementing campaign testing.

Companies cannot train in-house marketing staff to the equivalent standard and experience of outsourced email marketers without quadrupling their costs.

2. Improved Response Rates

The success of an email campaign relies on using and monitoring the latest conversion metrics, such as click-to-purchase and click-to-action, more than it does on open rates. Encouraging readers to open your emails, read them, and click on the offer you want them to will require a well-drafted, carefully thought-out, written plan of action.

Ineffective copy writing and design errors, regardless of how simple, can greatly reduce response and click-through rates.

3. Greater Deliverability

Outsourcing email campaigns gives companies the expertise necessary to comply with current best practices and build positive, enduring relationships with Internet service providers. Additionally, outsourced teams already have solutions in place to ensure higher accuracy of delivery statistics than what in-house management can achieve on its own.

Include robust programs for testing spam and tier one solutions to manage system-based red flags, such as false outlook headers and text-less messages, and the likelihood of your readers not receiving your messages drops significantly. As technology for e-mail filtering evolves and ISP requirements change, along with related risks of permission-based email blocking, in-house expertise tends to under perform.

Outsourcing your email marketing instead of keeping it in-house can increase your purchase rates by as much as 400 percent.

4. Lower Costs 

For most businesses, it costs a great deal more money to build an effective in-house email program than simply outsourcing it. There are teams of skills involved in creating successful campaigns, including marketing strategy, copy writing, database management, web development, and even project management. Employees rarely have the required skills, and if they do, they charge premium rates.

Hidden costs, particularly skills-related expenses, are much higher for companies doing their own email campaigns than for those who outsource it.

5. Expertise and Specialization

Experience is undoubtedly the best teacher. Companies that specialize in email marketing have done it many times already, sometimes deploying several campaigns for various sectors and customers. They know which techniques and technologies are most effective and which will or will not work for you. Because of this, outsourced vendors can help you target your audience and refine your message.

It is wise to invest in a team that understands how to employ various strategies for successful marketing. It will give you access to the knowledge necessary to avoid new spam filters, optimize html, grow permission-based subscriber lists, and integrate tools for higher engagement, such as blogs, videos, and even SMS messaging. Specialized email campaigns provide an opportunity to interact with consumers.

Email design is not the same as web site design. As such, using common technologies and techniques for web design can damage your email campaign.

6. Advanced Tactics and Email Strategies

Getting the highest response rates will depend on the tactics that you use. Advanced strategies are more effective at boosting response rates and engagement with readers. In-house teams seldom have sufficient expertise, experience or time to do this successfully. Outsourcing email campaigns promises use of the latest advanced tactics, including personalization, media campaigns, event triggers, and more.

Being able to personalize messages, customize appearance, create concurring media campaigns, insert dynamic content, and create sequences for adaptive messaging are just some of the tactics crucial to successful email marketing.


It is important to realize the impact of cumbersome production cycles and low response rates on your email marketing campaign. Doing it in-house requires more money for significantly less output. Because marketing consists of a myriad of different niches, it makes financial and productive sense to outsource your email marketing to specialists who can grow your subscriber lists and boost your conversion rates.

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