SEO for Small Businesses: Understanding Google Posts

"Google Posts" are now available to boost SEO for small businesses. The benefits of Google Posts are significant, as Google loves people that use its platform to grow their online presence. As with Google’s other tools, such as Google+ and Gmail, anyone using Google Posts will enjoy visibility rewards. This search engine giant gives those posting directly on its network much higher rankings.

What are Google Posts?

 As of yet, Google has not given this feature an official name. Based on Google’s own language on its Google Posts page, the name is simply catching with the public. Although one cannot find it specifically within the page’s copy, it is clear in the title tag and sufficiently usable for the purposes of this topic. Any business serious about search engine optimization should not overlook the Google Posts feature.

Google Posts for Search Engine Optimization

The goal of SEO for small businesses is simply to become more visible online. This includes all manner of reaching new audiences, such as social media, search rankings, advertising, email subscriber lists, and much, much more. Google launched Google Posts back in January 2016. However, it was not for public use and launched to give U.S. presidential candidates a visible platform to use for their campaigns.

At that time, Google Posts resembled business cards at the top of search results, which is exactly where everybody wants their business to appear and the point of SEO. In March 2016, Google extended its Posts feature to a few companies, appearing again in a card-like format. However, only small fractions of local businesses were able to use these “business cards,” as Google was exclusive about access to it.

Then, in March 2017, the search giant allowed museums, movies, sports leagues and teams to use its Posts feature in Brazil and the United States. Brazilian musicians received official invitations to participate. You cannot access Google Posts from its home page. They appear solely in the search results of those with access to the service, and then only when name searching specific businesses or people.

Now, Google has made this service available to small businesses. It is impossible to view previous Google Posts for particular people or companies, as Google only keeps them for seven days before they vanish from search. As happened with the U.S. presidential candidates, Posts disappear over time. Despite this, posting content directly with Google is among the most obvious benefits of Google Posts.

Using Google Posts for SEO Marketing

Until now, only a few celebrities and politicians could post social network-style updates directly to Google’s search results. Google Posts allowed them to upload GIFs, videos, photographs, info-graphics, text, and other types of media directly into search pages. This enabled them to drive high volumes of traffic to their websites.

Now, however, local businesses in Holyoke can use this feature too. You can publish your services, products, or events directly to Google Search and Maps. For example, businesses in Holyoke can now share current promotions and daily specials directly on Google. You can use it to introduce new products or promote events. More importantly, you can link these posts to your own websites and pages.

When you link Google Posts to your own site, you can send traffic to wherever you need it. You can send people to a newsletter subscription page, or get prospective customers to land on your product pages, discounts, specials, or other SEO marketing goals. Holyoke businesses can create Google Posts either on the web or in Google’s My Business apps for iOS and Android.

What are the Benefits of Google Posts?

Google was experimenting with this service throughout the last U.S. election. Ever since, it has been opening it up gradually to more and more users. Its most recent launch occurred in Brazil and encouraged musicians to promote their businesses with updates to Google Posts. Posting directly on Google promises extremely high visibility, as your “business card” will show up at the top of results.

This service may feel like another attempt by Google to re-brand its social networking efforts, but Google Posts has no correlation to Google+ at all. As a service, it allows businesses to publish timely information for interested consumers and it ensures as many people as possible will see it in their search results. Google Posts promises companies maximum visibility, and as such, is well worth the time investment.


Search engine optimization is not as challenging as it sounds. It is time- and resource-intensive, however, but SEO marketing involves using as much of Google’s rules, tools, and incentives as possible. Google Posts are but one method of boosting SEO for small businesses, and used in conjunction with other SEO best practices, it is possible for any company in Holyoke to maximize their online visibility.

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