Full Service Email Marketing

Have our team execute your entire email marketing campaign.

At Holyoke Marketing, we understand that not everybody has time to write and design email campaigns. Let us help you gain the direct outreach that you desire, without wasting a single moment.

Email marketing campaigns are a professional, efficient, and consistent form of outreach. Just as social media campaigns are important for creating large outreach to anyone within your target market, email campaigns hone that outreach to an even more specified market. Email campaigns build your customer base and speak to those most likely to respond.

Marketing trends used to tell us to advertise to anyone and anyone as a way to get more clicks, sales, etc. However, times have changed! There is so much content and clutter in the online world that the key to success lies in direct, personalized, and targeted outreach. Part of our process is understanding you as a company so that we can best understand your ideal consumer. Once we know them, we can create what they will respond to.

Don't get lost in the fast-paced world of online marketing, contact us today for your refresh.

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